Individual Tax Preparation – Personal Tax Preparation Tips for Wage Earners & Freelancers

When it comes to individual tax preparation, as a wage earner or self-employed freelancer, it’s vital that you get your taxes in order and understand how to go about preparing your taxes for the year. There is a lot to be said for the life of a self-employed freelancer. You get the freedom of being your own boss, so you decide when and where you work. You take on the jobs that you want, rather than have somebody tell you what to do, and of course, you get to save on expenses like travel and travelling to various job sites every day. However, like most things in life, working as a self-employed freelancer does have its drawbacks. One such drawback is the fact that you must focus on individual tax preparation and handle your own taxes, receiving 1099’s, filing Schedule C with your 1040. If you’re new to the world of freelancing and are just finding your feet, individual tax preparation for wage earner or self-employed can be daunting. Never fear however, because we’re here to look at a series of individual tax preparation tips for self-employed freelancers.

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Hire a tax professional – Right off the bat, we’re giving you the most important piece of advice you could wish for. As a self-employed freelancer, you may think that you’re saving money by doing your taxes yourselves, but trust us, you aren’t. When you try to handle your individual 1040 tax preparation yourself, you run the risk of making mistakes, or submitting late, which means that you will incur penalties and fines. As a self-employed 1099 freelancer, there is also a plethora of deductions you can offset against your earnings, yet you will almost certainly be missing out because you won’t know where to begin. Hiring our tax professionals means that you get somebody to basically do all of the hard work for you. They get your figures in order, they give you advice, they help you avoid fines and penalties, plus they help save you money by helping you with your deductions. There are plenty of tax services out there that can help you, so be sure to hire the right 1040 tax professional as soon as you begin your 1099 self-employed freelance venture.

Know the basics – When it comes to individual 1040 tax preparation, you don’t need to become a professional accountant when handling your books, but it is strongly recommended that you at least know and understand the basics. Again, this is where it pays to hire our professional tax services as we offer you all the advice you will ever need. As a wage earner W2, self-employed freelancer 1099 it is vital that your 1040 taxes are correct, to the best of your knowledge, so as to avoid hefty fees and penalties. One of the most important things you need to know is how much you should be paying. Again, our pro tax experts will tell you everything you need to know about your 1040 tax return and other schedules like Sch A, Sch C, etc..

Ensure your tax expert knows how you do business – Whether you’re a self-employed freelance copywriter, or a freelance artist, when you speak to our professional tax service for the first time, make sure we know how you do business. Sit down and explain what a typical working day for you is like, from the moment you begin work, to the moment you finish for the day. Individual 1040 tax preparation will be a heck of a lot easier if your tax expert knows how you conduct business. Let them know what you purchase, where you work, which expenses you have, how much you charge, which services you provide, and more besides. The more they know about how you conduct business, the easier the 1040 tax return process becomes.

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