Professional Tax Preparation Service

We are dedicated to keeping clients abreast of the latest tax law changes, planning strategies and vital tax-related information.

Our Tax Organizer is designed to help you maximize your deductions and minimize your problems in preparing and filing your tax return. The organizer is usually revised annually to be compatible with the ever-changing tax laws. The organizer currently posted below is primarily for the 2017 tax year, although it can be used for other years.

The organizers can be downloaded to your computer where you can fill and save the information until you have completed collecting all of your information. After you have completed it, please forward the organizer (printed or digitally) to our office for immediate service.

Tax Organizer – Business Entities

Tax Deduction Locator & IRS Trouble Minimizer - Itemized Deductions

Tax Deduction Locator & IRS Trouble Minimizer - Basic

Agreement as to Nature and Scope of Tax Services Engagement

Income Tax Preparation done Right