Paying Back Taxes Information & Alternatives

Back taxes are the outstanding taxes that you owe the government when you didn’t pay them on time. Los Angeles taxpayers, if you do not pay off your back taxes in a timely manner, you may find yourself owing quite a bit more than you expect because of interest and late payment penalty charges. You will almost certainly need some type of back taxes help of a professional nature, especially if they have grown beyond your control to pay them off at once. Call us to settle your tax debt at 1-877-788-2937 today.

If you do not pay your back taxes, the IRS has the right to place a lien on your property and even seize if you do not pay, they can also levy your bank accounts and garnish your paychecks. It’s possible that you might face even more penalties and prosecution of a criminal nature, so it is important to pay off your back taxes quickly. Here are a few tips that will provide you with some back taxes help and get you on the right footing.

File Old Taxes

Los Angeles taxpayers, if you have not filed your taxes in recent years, do so whether you think you owe the IRS or not. Even if you are unable to pay what you owe, this can help avoid having late filing penalties added on to the amount. If you need some back taxes help in filing, you can seek out professional assistance from an experienced tax or law firm. Call us to settle your tax debt at 1-877-788-2937 today.

Know What You Owe

You’ll want to know before you file how much you owe the IRS so that you can work on a reasonable payment plan. The IRS website has a balancing tool that will allow you to breakdown the amount owed for every year that you did not pay. Once you know, go ahead and file your tax returns with the IRS and pay them using the direct-pay option. In some cases, the IRS will pay refunds if you are eligible once everything is filed. Call our Los Angeles based tax service firm to settle your tax debt at 1-877-788-2937 today.

Pay at Once if Possible

Every day you wait to pay is a day that the IRS adds more interest to what you owe. When you consider that your unpaid taxes will rack up a half-percent each month in terms of interest, you may find yourself facing a far larger burden even after a short time has passed. This is where back taxes help can find a solution by offering methods that can help you pay off your debt quickly.

Create a Payment Plan

If the back taxes you owe exceed your ability to pay them off at one time, you can make arrangement to pay them off over time, month by month. By making such arrangements, you can possibly avoid additional interest charges, tax penalties, and even a tax lien against your property. Basically, the IRS freezes the amount that is owed and if you do not miss a payment, you will not be hit with any additional charges.

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IRS Fresh Start Program

For individuals and small business owners who want to pay off their back taxes, the IRS offer a Fresh Start Program that makes it easier for you to pay. Under the program, you will have to owe at least $25,000 before the government places a tax lien on your property. This also means if you reduce the amount you owe to under $25,000, the government may withdraw its tax lien on the property. There are other conditions as well, so you might want to seek professional back taxes help to find out how you can qualify.

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