How to Stop and Release Your Bank Levy

Individuals and businesses in Los Angeles, CA, and other surrounding areas in Southern California, are currently benefitting from our bank levy release service by our professional Los Angeles tax services. We offer professionals tax services and experts for a whole variety of different reasons, because, as you know, figuring out your taxes can be anything but a simple process. The last thing you want is to go to the ATM for withdrawing some cash, only to find that your account has been frozen due to the IRS placing a levy on your funds. A bank levy is enforced when the IRS, or other creditors or state tax agencies, decide that you owe them money, back taxes. Tax services Los Angeles can help you stop and release your IRS levy, plus they can also help ensure that it never happens again. For those of you located in Los Angeles, CA, here’s a look at how to release a bank levy and get your money back.

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Wait until you receive notification – Often you will receive a notification from the bank, telling you that your account has been frozen and that there is a bank levy attached to it. More often than not, you receive the notice of levy after the levy has already been put in place. This is deliberate, as it ensures people simply don’t transfer funds from one account to another, before an IRS or FTB, EDD, BOE levy can be enforced.

Manage your other payments – As frustrating as it is, if you have any outstanding payments or debts to cover, you will need to make alternative plans until the levy has been released. That means that any standing orders and automatic payments, for things such as credit cards, bills, utilities, loans etc, will need to be managed. This is where our Los Angeles tax services firm can prove so useful, as they can offer you tax help and advice. Call us today for reliable tax help at 1-877-78-TAXES [1-877-788-2937].

Challenge the levy – Once you’ve made alternative arrangements to cover your other outstanding payments, you may then wish to challenge the levy. You should do this by contacting the IRS, or the tax agency that issued the levy such as the FTB, BOE, and EDD. Speak to the IRS and let them know you plan on contesting the levy in court or ask to appeal through a CDP or CAP appeal. If you’re located in Los Angeles, CA, speaking to our Los Angeles tax services is very helpful because we can look over your circumstances and inform you as to whether the levy is justified. You need to be quick, as most cases allow for 21 days to protest the bank levy before your hard earned funds are remitted to the tax agency. If you are protesting and appealing, file the necessary paperwork, attach documentation which supports your case, and make sure you are clear on your request for release. Each state is different, so as you’re in Los Angeles, CA, you must make sure you’re clear on the exemptions in your specific state.

Await the response – Ordinarily, if you get a response within 10 days, or if the IRS agrees to release the bank levy, you should break out the champagne and celebrate as your appeal has been granted. Your money will be returned to you, and the bank levy will be released. If you were unsuccessful, you will receive notification and will need to work out a resolution in lieu of full payment. We assist our clients to settle back taxes and release all levies. Call us today for reliable tax help at 1-877-78-TAXES [1-877-788-2937].

Why choose our tax services in Los Angeles? – The above is just one example of what could happen if you don’t pay your taxes, if you file them incorrectly, or if you file them late. Other potential headaches include a wage garnishment, an IRS tax lien, an IRS tax audit, and much more. By speaking to our tax experts, we can offer you tax planning services, tax help, and advice on matter such as how to release a wage garnishment, how to remove a bank levy, and so on.

Only an EA enrolled agent, CPA certified public accountant, or tax lawyer/attorney can represent you before the IRS, FTB, EDD and BOE.

Call us today for reliable tax help at 1-877-78-TAXES [1-877-788-2937].

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