Sales and Use Tax Representation

The State sales and use taxing authority systems and audit programs are very complex and you should consider seeking an experienced tax professional for help in resolving sales tax and use tax problems. State sales and use tax audit cases are very serious and should be addressed immediately and without any procrastination. Ignoring the sales and use tax notices can result in the assessment of large state sales and use tax amount of money, excessive penalties, and accumulated interest. In most states, a sales and use tax liability is legally as serious as employment and payroll tax liabilities.

This means, that the State tax laws consider you, the responsible person, has “stolen” the sales and use tax-collected money, by your failure to render and pay such sales and use taxes to the appropriate taxing authority agency. Therefore, state taxing authority agencies have extensive powers to recover the sales and use tax-collected money from your business or corporation, with the seizure of assets, and/or liquidation of your business. In California, the State Board of Equalization, BOE, or, SBE, has the power to recover a business’ unpaid sales taxes personally and directly from the owners, officers, shareholders and even the company employees, when certain requirements are met.

If you or your business had received a sales tax or a use tax audit letter or, if your business was incorrectly assessed sales and use taxes, you should immediately contact an experienced tax professional. I am an experienced and licensed tax professional and can represent clients facing sales and use tax audits throughout California and all 50 states. Our services include simple audit consultations before and during an sales tax audit, to actual sales tax field audit work, and to negotiating sales tax debt settlements of the outstanding sales and use tax owed through several available options designed to meet your business’s financial and economic needs, not those of the state taxing auditor!

Here is how we can be of valuable help, we will help you prepare for an impending sales tax or use tax audit and develop an audit strategy to fit your business operations. We’ll work closely with the state sales tax auditor on your behalf and handle all correspondences from the state’s sales and use tax agency, allowing your business to operate without interruption. If it’s feasible and will benefit your sales and use tax case, we’ll even have the audit transferred to our office.

As the sales and use tax audit proceeds, we will monitor the sales tax auditor’s work papers, present our rebuttals, and propose adjustments. We will search for refund and credit opportunities overlooked by most state sales tax auditors. If we’re not satisfied with the sales tax auditor’s results, we’ll call in the state’s sales tax audit manager to resolve the issue. If the manager doesn’t offer a satisfactory resolution, we’ll appeal your case to the next level until we reach a satisfactory final resolution.