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Like hundreds of thousands of other American taxpayers, many taxpayers in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Pompano Beach area also fail to file their tax returns regularly. Even though it may not seem a big problem initially, it can cause major problems in future for taxpayers in Florida.

If you fail to file your tax returns, it may be considered as a criminal offense by the IRS. It maybe considered as a misdemeanor and potentially a felony crime. Such tax problems can be considered a criminal act and the punishment may be one year in jail and $10,000 for each year not filed. Tax problems can lead you to become a federal convict and land you in jail.

Tax relief services can help you with your tax problems such as back taxes, unfiled tax returns etc. and save you in case of IRS tax audit. In case of delinquent tax returns, professional tax lawyers, tax attorneys, CPAs and enrolled agents can help you to get rid of any problem with the federal system (IRS).

The IRS will not allow you to settle your taxes including back taxes unless you file your required tax returns. The expert tax professional and IRS licensed enrolled agent will help you settle your unfiled tax returns. They will help you to file all delinquent tax returns, which could qualify you for Offer in Compromise or an IRS payment plan.

The tax relief experts will also help you file your latest tax return besides paying prior delinquent unfiled tax returns, so that you can save your money and avoid significant long-term consequences. It is possible to file your original tax return late which is better than not filing at all.

When you fail to file your taxes as a taxpayer, IRS often files a "SFR" (Substitute for Return) on your behalf. This is IRS's version of an unfiled tax return. But the problem arises here for you as they prepare them in the best interest of the government and so the taxes you owe are mostly overstated and so you owe more money in penalties and interest. You do not get credit for deductions (such as exemptions for spouses, children, interest and taxes on your home, cost of any stock or real estate sales, and business expenses, etc.) even though you may be entitled to them. An expert enrolled agent, CPA or tax lawyer can help you to get the maximum deductions than the IRS tax calculations.

You need a tax representative by your side to find the possible solutions to your delinquent tax returns problems. If you have to fight the IRS, you will definitely need expert IRS licensed enrolled agent to help you with the process.

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