Enrolled Agent for Individual Tax Preparation

Getting assistance with your personal 1040 income tax preparation helps individuals and couples file proper tax returns. This means avoiding simple or major errors, taking advantage of various deductions, and tips on how to lower your potential taxable income for the following year.

But there are important differences between the types of tax preparers that you can choose. While many can become a personal tax preparation specialist without any formal training, EAs enrolled agents are the ones that individuals and couples should see for the best in professional income tax preparation work.

What is an EA - Enrolled Agent?

This is a tax practitioner who is federally licensed. Thanks to the authorization from the Department of Treasury, an EA enrolled agent is granted considerable rights as per Circular 230. These are the regulations as part of the treasury department for those who qualify as enrolled agents.

The tax preparation by such EAs includes individuals, estates, trusts, corporations, partnerships, and more. Any entity that has a tax-reporting requirement can be represented by an enrolled agent. The profession itself goes all the way back to 1884. It began as a response to those filing claims for losses incurred during the Civil War which was almost two decades earlier.

In response, Congress wanted to regulate who could properly represent such claims to the US Treasury, thus the prestigious EA enrolled agent was born. As changes to the tax code occurred over the years, so too did the responsibilities of the enrolled agent. Today, such agents can represent taxpayers of all types as part of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

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Qualifications to Prepare Personal Individual 1040 Tax Returns

In order to qualify, enrolled agents must pass through the extensive application process. This is a series of tests that help define the knowledge of the tax code to become an agent. But the testing does not stop at the application process.

Every three years, the IRS requires the completion of 72 hours of continuing education to maintain the license and practice of the agent. For those who are members of organizations such as National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), the requirements are even stronger with 30 hours of continued education every year that is approved by the IRS.

The strict standards are why there are relatively few enrolled agents in the US with the number just under 54,000. While they have certification from the federal government to help you prepare your taxes. But there is more to an EA enrolled agent than just the training to prepare 1040 individual and joint tax return and related forms.

How Can an Enrolled Agent Help?

An enrolled agent can help you across the board when it comes to your tax preparation and representation before the IRS. This means that such an agent has the power to do the following.

  • Proper preparation of all tax returns
  • Tax planning to minimize burden
  • Representation for IRS audits, collection, back taxes and appeal
  • Advice & Guidance

Although these are the basic ways that this type of agent can assist, keep in mind that it covers all aspects of federal tax forms, requirements, and how you can be represented when needed. This means that you can rely upon them to provide the best in services thanks to the ethical standards which they must uphold.

It should be noted that enrolled agents are not for federal tax returns only, but various State tax matters as well, so you can be confident that your state are considered. However, for proper personal individual income tax preparation, you may only need the services of an enrolled agent. Representation when facing issues with your federal and or state taxes can be handled as well. Get professional help today at 1-877-788-2937.

Why Choose an EA - Enrolled Agent?

For the individual who is seeking assistance with their 1040 income tax preparation and getting proper representation when facing the IRS, the reasons for choosing an enrolled agent become obvious. They have standards and abilities which exceed that of non-enrolled agents. This can be quite valuable if you are looking for the best in tax preparation and audit representation services.

Expertise: Although the primary responsibility under the law is that an enrolled agent can represent you in matters before the IRS, they can also assist in terms of tax preparation. This means that all forms associated with individual joint filings, such as 1040, schedule A, B, C, and so forth are covered by their services.

This means those who are enrolled agents are fully qualified to help you fill out your tax forms better than any other tax preparer. However, you have the additional peace of mind that they have passed rigorous standards set by the IRS to become EAs.

Ethical: Enrolled agents are bound by ethical standards as per the US Treasury Circular 230. This means to maintain their status they must abide by the rules. For individuals seeking assistance with their 1040 income tax preparation or representation when facing the IRS with audit, exam or back tax settlements, it means that choosing an enrolled agent brings a peace of mind that will be stronger thanks to the ethical standards which must be followed.

Representation: The original purpose of such licensed agents was to provide representation to individuals, businesses who may face the IRS due to an audit or similar measure. By providing expert representation, they can properly address the issues that the IRS has alleged against you. Plus, the representation they provide includes confidential communication, so they are on your side at all times.

The choice of using an enrolled agent for individual 1040 tax returns should come down to your needs. If you are having difficulty in properly filling out, filing, or reporting all relevant information, then you should seek their assistance. For individuals and couples filing their federal and state taxes, the enrolled agent can be invaluable in terms of the assistance they provide.

Whether you only need to fill out the 1040 easy form or you have other complicated forms which need to be addressed, getting professional assistance is a must. That is why so many choose a qualified agent as opposed to a simple tax preparer in this regard. If you are having issues with the IRS concerning your individual tax 1040 form, particularly if you have been audited, then having the services of an EA enrolled agent by your side can help.

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