Tips on Getting Reliable IRS Tax Relief Help

If you have tax problems, don’t think it’s you against them. We offer our clients IRS tax help as the IRS is willing to work out a resolution with individual and business taxpayers than many give them credit for. The IRS though has been stereotyped as an entity you just don’t want to have to be involved with if you owe them money. They aren’t the bad guys, and there are real tax professionals such as tax attorneys, enrolled agents and CPAs who can offer IRS tax help while working with the tax agency to resolve your difficult situation.

Find out Information

If you owe the IRS and don’t have the money to pay them, you need to find out information. Why do you owe them money? That is the first thing to look at. There can be errors with tax returns or deductions you qualify for may be missing. Take a close look at all of this and gather any information you can.

A fresh pair of eyes on your information can help too. There are tax professionals that offer IRS tax help and can look for additional deductions and review your tax return. If you do indeed owe the money, then find out what you can do to resolve your tax debt. For example, you may be able to get a payment plan, or abate some or all of the penalties for reasonable cause.

Contact the IRS or hire a tax professional

If the reality of the situation though is that you can’t pay what you owe, get IRS tax help. Contact them to find out what they can do for you. There are various programs that you may be eligible for. Consider scheduling an appointment to discuss your options. Don’t be intimidated, but instead, embrace the chance to work with them. Most taxpayers opt to hire a tax professional such as a tax attorney or an enrolled agent that specializes in tax relief matters, this way they can get the IRS tax help they qualify for.

Never ignore any letters you get from the IRS. The problem will only get worse if you don’t contact them and try to be in compliance. Always provide them with any documentation that they ask for. That could be what determines if they can help you or not. If they don’t get the information they need though, they will stick to their guns that you owe them the full amount.

Ask about Options

When it comes to IRS tax help, don’t wait just for them to offer you options. Instead, ask what is offered. Tell them your situation and tell them that you are interested in finding out what can be done to resolve your tax liability. You may not like all of the options, but listen to every single one of them. We help our clients get the best tax relief available based on their specific situation.

Consider a Tax Attorney, Enrolled Agent or CPA

If you feel intimidated or the IRS tax help you have gotten so far isn’t enough, consider a tax attorney, enrolled agent or a CPA. Some specialize in this area of IRS tax controversy. They can help you to get through the red tape and the obstacles. They can help you to understand the law as well as the choices you have for resolving the funds you owe to the IRS.

Forms and Fees

There are various types of IRS tax help, but to get them you have to complete the proper forms. You may have to pay a fee too when you submit those forms. If you do this on your own, you should be able to find the right forms on the IRS website. If you go through a tax professional though, they will be able to get the right documents for you.

Take the time to make sure all of the forms are filled out completely. If there is information missing then it could result in delays for processing. It could also result in your form being denied, and if there were fees paid you won’t get that money back. With a tax attorney, enrolled agent or CPA they can review the forms before you submit them to ensure they are done accurately.

Get it in Writing

Once you have found an acceptable form of IRS tax help, get it in writing. You need to have documentation of all of the details that you are accepting. This should include engagement agreements, power of attorney, and any fees you agree to pay.

Mike Habib, EA is an IRS licensed Enrolled Agent and focuses his tax practice on IRS tax help; he has the tax relief experience and specialized skill set to assist you. You can reach him directly at 1-877-788-2937.