Tax Relief Tips for Resolving IRS Wage Garnishments, IRS Tax Liens and IRS Bank Levies in Virginia Beach, VA

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Taxpayers living in Virginia Beach, Norfolk or Newport News area can get help in resolving their IRS wage garnishments, tax liens and bank levies with the help of professional tax resolution services by Mike Habib, EA. Like many other taxpayers, it is possible that you also owe back taxes. If you owe unpaid back taxes, you know how horrible the experience can be. It can leave you hopeless and helpless and only professional help from tax experts can resolve the situation for you.

When the IRS garnish your wages, you lose a large portion of your paycheck and you have to live on a meager amount. In the same way, IRS bank levies will leave you without money because the IRS will seize your bank accounts and take the money out. All these situations happen when you owe unpaid taxes to the IRS. IRS Wage Garnishments, IRS Tax Liens and IRS Bank Levies are methods of collecting the past due taxes from the taxpayers.

It is possible to resolve these tax problems with the help of an IRS licensed enrolled agent, CPA or tax attorney. We can act as your representative and guide you until resolving IRS tax debt. We are experienced tax relief professionals and will negotiate the best possible resolution with the IRS, we will settle your unpaid tax debt through different tax relief programs.

To release your IRS tax lien, stop IRS wage garnishment and IRS Bank levies call Mike Habib today at 1-877-788-2937 for your free and confidential case analysis.

Tip #1: Know What's at Stake

IRS tax lien, IRS bank levy, or IRS wage garnishments can destroy you financially. It can destroy your career, family, sanity and business. When you receive a collection notice from the IRS, immediately contact Mike Habib at 1-877-788-2937, we are a licensed tax resolution service provider.

Tip #2: Know What an IRS Bank Levy Is and What It Can Do to You

When you know what an IRS bank levy is and how it can affect you and your family's financial wellbeing, you can become more cautious and act as fast as possible.

Tip #3: Know What an IRS Wage Garnishment Is and What It Can Do to You

IRS wage garnishments can leave you with just a few dollars in hand every week even though you earn thousands. IRS wage garnishments take typically 30-70% of your paycheck. It may also affect your career as your employer may think that you are not trustworthy.

Tip #4: Know What an IRS Tax Lien Is and What It Can Do to You

An IRS tax lien is a claim used as security for the tax debt. IRS tax liens show up on your credit report. If the IRS tax liens tie up your personal property and real estate, then you can neither sell them nor use them to get finance.

Tip #5: You Can Appeal the IRS!

As a taxpayer, you can always appeal the IRS. You can file a Collection Appeal within a certain legal time frame. Your IRS licensed enrolled agent can show you how to do it. We know the tax rules and have ample experience dealing with the IRS and so you can expect solutions to your tax problem.

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