Tax Relief in Minneapolis, MN: Five Common Tax Relief Myths That can get You out of IRS Trouble

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There are many myths surrounding the matter of tax relief and Minneapolis, St. Paul and Bloomington are no different. You will find many myths about tax relief and the IRS.

IRS Myth #1 - Once the IRS creates a substitute for return for an unfiled tax return, you're gone

Wrong. You can file your original return late. It doesn't matter how late you are filing your tax returns. If the IRS gets a substitute return for you, still you can get tax relief. Many clients who hire us as their tax resolution provider usually have 4-11 years unfiled returns. You just need a very good tax relief expert to represent you before the IRS to achieve the best tax relief you could get.

IRS Myth #2 - Filing a tax extension protects you from aggressive IRS scrutiny

This is a very surprising myth about IRS tax relief. Tax extension is simply an extension of time to file and not extension of time to pay your taxes. Even if you have back taxes but you should file your tax returns for the present time so as to avoid possible penalties. It will save 25% on your IRS back taxes, failure to file penalty.

IRS Myth #3 - You have to pay your IRS tax bill in full

This is another myth that causes lots of loss to the average taxpayer. You do not have to pay your IRS tax bill in full. The IRS will help you with payment options for taxpayers who can't pay the tax bill in full. With the help of IRS licensed enrolled agent, CPA or tax attorney you can set up an IRS payment installment plan but it is the most expensive way to do so. Reducing your back taxes and penalty debt can be better tax relief.

IRS Myth #4 - You're broke and out of work so you can't pay the IRS

This is one of the costliest IRS myths. It hits taxpayers who are in dire need of tax relief. Even though you are out of work and do not have enough money to pay the IRS tax, yet you should pay it. The IRS has the power to get their dues before other creditors. It can also garnish wages, levy bank accounts and take other action accordingly.

IRS Myth #5 - You need lots of money before you should hire an income tax attorney, enrolled agent or tax resolution expert

This is another of the greatest IRS myths. This myth is very dangerous because it can cost you lots of money and may lead you to prison. You need professional tax resolution service provider so as to face the IRS. As you are no expert in tax related issues, so you need an expert helping hand. In case of tax relief, it is better that a tax expert represent you before the IRS.

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