Tax Help: How You can get IRS Tax Relief in Allentown, PA Without Getting Scammed

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There are two types of tax relief companies; one: fraudulent companies which loot the innocent Americans already in financial difficulties, two: honest companies, only to help you. If you are looking for tax help in Allentown, Bethlehem or Easton, make sure you don’t fall a victim to the first category. This article will guide you how to hire a dependable firm or an agent for your taxation problems and avoid bank levy or wage garnishment.

Do your homework

This is the most important part of your research process for a trustworthy tax relief and tax resolution firm. You must make a checklist of the questions before you call them, if they are unable to satisfy your questions, ignore them. You may have different questions according to your specific tax problem but you may ask them questions like:

How many years you have been working in this field? (Specific tax relief experience is better),

How many states you’re licensed to operate in? (Better firms serve all 50 states), How will my case get resolved? (Dealing with a licensed representative from day one produces much better results),

What is your rating with the BBB-better business bureau? (An A rating is what you should be looking for).

A sincere tax firm or a professional will present free counseling instead of making prolific promises.

Things to consider before hiring a tax relief company

You can secure yourself from IRS tax relief scams by following these steps:

  • If a firm or agent asks for your credit card on the phone right away, you should simply run away because this is a scam.
  • Every taxpayer/debtor has a unique situation, and all the taxpayers/debtors are not eligible for IRS relief programs. If a company offers a guarantee or promises certain outcome like we can settle for $2,000 total, or pennies on the dollar, they are bluffing you.
  • Hire a firm or an agent who offers free consultation. It is a fact that IRS does not accept all offers. In your free consultation the tax professional will also analyze your situation and tell you whether you qualify for a tax relief program or not.
How to find a reliable firm

It might sound a tiresome job to find a reliable firm for your tax problem resolution. However there is a plethora of resources available. Online search is one of the quickest and easiest methods available. You can search on Google, visit the company’s website however, Better Business Bureau ratings are one of the most reliable sources.

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