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As a taxpayer, you have the right to represent yourself before the IRS in any tax problem or IRS problem. However, a diligent and concerned taxpayer will always hire someone experienced and expert in tax issues to handle his/her tax problems with the IRS. If you are in Detroit, Warren or Livonia or you might have a business with tax problems, you would easily find expert tax relief services at

Handling your IRS problems with the IRS agency can be very intimidating, frustrating and crucial. If you do not want to waste your time going through and understanding the various regulations of the IRS instead of focusing on your business, then you should always hire a professional tax representative such as an Enrolled Agent, CPA and or tax attorney to provide you with tax resolution services.

We are a specialized tax resolution firm serving Detroit to negotiate and settle your tax problems with the IRS on your behalf. As an experienced IRS licensed enrolled agent, I will be able to resolve your tax problems at both the state and federal level.

A good tax professional will help you get tax relief for you and your business. He/she will help you to secure Offer in Compromise, penalty abatement, IRS payment plans, release o liens, release of levies, innocent spouse relief and other tax settlements which will help you to keep yourself and your business afloat.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Tax Attorney, CPA or Enrolled Agent

Hiring a tax professional will offer new several advantages. By hiring our firm, you are getting a professional IRS licensed enrolled agent to represent you and protect your interest, you can get peace of mind because you know you're not taking any risk in relation to your financial and personal freedom. Appearing before the IRS without a tax representative is like committing business suicide.

Whether you have IRS problems like unpaid back tax, unpaid state tax, unpaid 941 payroll employment tax, unfiled delinquent tax returns, tax liens, tax levies or any other tax problems, our tax relief services can always help you to get the necessary tax relief and peace of mind.

IRS licensed enrolled agents, CPAs and tax lawyers are very much important because they can negotiate with the IRS about your tax problems and can get you tax relief and other compromises such as Offer in Compromise. Hiring our tax resolution firm will help you to permanently resolve your IRS problems and achieve tax relief which will help you in your financial freedom and save you from future tax problems.

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