Six Tips if You Receive an IRS Tax Collection Notice to Collect Back Taxes in Tampa, FL

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If you received an IRS tax collection notice to collect back taxes in Tampa, St. Petersburg or Clearwater, it creates tremors in your life. This is the last warning from the IRS before they get the money from your bank accounts or garnish 30-75% of your paychecks. It will reduce the money you earn every month. You need instant professional tax help in this case.

Tip #1: Don't Panic, Get the Right Help!

You need help. So, don't panic and get the right representation firm to handle the situation. Once you receive the IRS tax collection notice, instantly hire an IRS licensed enrolled agent or expert tax attorney to handle your case with the IRS. Do not try to handle your tax problem yourself.

Tip #2: Delay Collections

tax liens and IRS levies only happens if there is no communication from your side to the IRS. When you hire a tax attorney or IRS licensed enrolled agent, he/she will take care of it on your behalf. Let them delay the process of collection a little so that you can make other arrangements.

Tip #3: File an Appeal

Along with the IRS tax collection notice, an IRS levy on your bank accounts or your assets may follow. Your tax representative will get you IRS tax relief by filing an appeal with the IRS to remove your back tax lien. The tax attorney, or the Enrolled Agent will prepare the appeal on your behalf and will negotiate it with the IRS.

Tip #4: Be Placed in "Currently Not Collectible"

It is possible to get placed in “Currently Not Collectible” status, which includes people who are indigent, chronically or terminally ill or suffering from other problems. We as your tax resolution service provider can help in arranging such classification.

Tip #5: Negotiate Payment Plan

IRS payment plan is a very common response to an IRS tax collection notice to collect back taxes. We can help you negotiate a reasonable payment plan based on the amount of money you owe in back taxes. This amount may differ from that amount IRS has decided as the back taxes. We as your tax resolution service provider can help you negotiate a payment plan and get you IRS tax relief.

Tip #6: Offer in Compromise Tax Settlements

We could settle your tax problems with the help of an Offer in Compromise tax settlement, wherein the IRS agree to accept a discounted lump sum payment to consider the debt cleared.

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