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If you're looking for tax resolution, IRS tax settlement and IRS tax debt relief in Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue, then you just found a reliable tax resolution service provider, which will offer you the necessary tax resolution services.

If you have back tax problem, IRS tax debt, unpaid State and Federal taxes, unfiled tax returns, late filings or IRS tax audit issues, then you can finally get tax relief in Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue that will help you get out of the mess.

If you need tax resolution, need to settle your taxes or want a solution to your mounting tax debt by getting tax debt relief, then here you are, Mike Habib, EA provides reliable tax resolution service, as an IRS licensed enrolled agent. Do not try to handle your tax problems yourself because it may result in other problems which may include penalties, loss of time and money and imprisonment in the extreme cases. As you do not understand the tax law and technicalities of the tax resolution process, it is better to hire a professional tax representative to help you handle your tax resolution process.

What our tax settlement firm and IRS licensed enrolled agent can do for you:

  • End IRS wage garnishment
  • Stop tax levy, bank levy, and property seizure
  • Remove tax liens
  • Abate penalties and interest charges on the penalty portion
  • Settle payroll tax
  • Reduce your overall Tax Liability and
  • Resolve your Tax Debt

For a better IRS tax relief, it is very important to find and hire the best tax problem help professionals in Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue. It is very crucial for your financial freedom to have the right professional advice from expert tax relief professionals because a small mistake can cause you loss of trouble financially and mentally.

The experience and expertise of the EA, CPA or tax lawyer and tax professionals helps in finding out various options for resolution of your tax problems. We know what to do in a situation like yours. We can negotiate better and get you better tax relief that what you get when you represent yourself before the IRS. A good tax resolution service will get you a better settlement solution which will save you money and bring you piece of mind along with resolving your tax problems for good.

You can get free consultation by calling 1-877-78-TAXES. So, you can assess your options and learn about our services without paying anything. It offers you an opportunity to find out the best tax resolution experts in Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue.

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