Reduce Back Taxes and IRS Penalties in Columbus, OH: 7 Little Secrets the IRS Hopes You Never Learn

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7 secrets you should know to reduce back taxes and IRS penalties:

1) Knowing your taxpayer rights gives you leverage

If you know your taxpayer rights, you do not feel intimidated by the IRS and IRS tax audits or collections actions. You can face the IRS better if you know your rights. The good tax relief professional will remove your fear by making you knowledgeable about the various rights of a taxpayer.

2) Filing unfiled tax returns is an opportunity for a fresh start

When you file your unfiled tax returns, you can get a fresh start. It is possible to leave your SFR (substitute for return filed by the IRS) back taxes and IRS penalties behind by filing all your pending tax returns together. You may have to pay some penalties and interest to the IRS, but it is possible to reduce your back taxes and IRS penalties with the help of a licensed and professional tax resolution service provider.

3) Take your pick of 148 IRS penalties

There are over 148 different IRS penalties that the IRS can punish you with. However, with the help of an expert tax professional, you can always persuade the IRS for a lesser penalty and possibly reduce your overall back tax debt.

4) You can reduce IRS penalties to zero for reasonable cause

An expert tax relief professional can reduce the IRS penalties to zero. If you have a reasonable cause, the tax representative will highlight it to the IRS and will get you reduced penalties. Knowledgeable tax representatives know what "reasonable causes" work with the IRS based on your particular facts, hardships and circumstances.

5) You can end IRS audits

It is possible to end continuous IRS audits. You can simply avoid an unnecessary audit by filing your tax return on time. If you cannot afford to pay the full amount, at least you should pay a token amount to the IRS. It helps you to avoid nonpayment IRS penalties. When you get an audit letter, your tax representative will know the steps to take to end the audit quickly.

6) Legal representation for audits improves your chances for successful tax resolution If you have legal presentation by an expert tax professional, the chances of tax resolution increases many fold. An IRS licensed enrolled agent will advise you on what to say, what to do and what not to do to avoid any problems with the IRS.

7) The IRS does make deals

The IRS makes deals to collect on unpaid back taxes. If they find out that you're not in a position to pay all the money you owe, they could accept to collect a portion of that through various settlement programs.

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