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When it comes to filing your taxes, do you leave everything until the last minute, or do you like to get everything out of the way nice and early? However you choose to do your tax returns, one thing that we can all agree on is the fact that seeking professional tax help in the form of Philadelphia, PA tax attorney audit help services, is likely to be hugely beneficial. For US citizens across the nation, the prospect of facing an IRS tax audit is not one to be relished, but do we know everything there is to know about an IRS tax audit, or do we require tax audit help to ensure we’re brought up to speed? Philly taxpayers, when it comes to tax audits and examinations, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions that many believe are designed purely for scaremongering purposes. Representation by Philadelphia, PA tax attorney is a powerful tool to even the odds when facing the IRS.

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Here are several common tax audit myths and misconceptions that are simply not true.

You can’t amend your return unless you want to be audited – Many people out there claim that amending your tax return will automatically trigger an audit. The IRS however, has denied this outright on multiple occasions. When you amend your return, it will of course be monitored and screened just like the first return, but it certainly doesn’t mean that you will face an IRS tax audit.

Filing late will trigger an audit – This is another myth associated with IRS tax audits that isn’t entirely true, although it does have some credibility. You see, in order to give yourself the best chance of avoiding an audit, it pays to stay on the IRS’ good side and to stay off their radar. If you file late, this will draw more attention to your tax return than others. However, there is no evidence to suggest that a late filing of your tax return will automatically result in you seeking IRS attorney audit representation in Philadelphia, PA because it won’t.

The IRS is likely to audit you face-to-face – Another very common myth associated with IRS tax audits is that the IRS likes to conduct audits in person. Some say this is so that they can see you sweat and monitor your body language. This isn’t Law & Order however, and you’re not being interrogated. The IRS therefore, conducts the vast majority of its audits by mail. In some cases, the auditor will schedule a meeting with you where you work, or at their office, though the vast majority of audits take place via mail correspondence.

It’s cheaper and easier to deal with your taxes yourself – If you are lucky enough to have plenty of free time, and if you’re a trained tax expert, then it may be worthwhile doing your return yourself or representing yourself before the IRS. For the vast majority of the Philly population however, it is worthwhile to hire professional tax representation lawyer services and have somebody offer you IRS tax audit help and guidance. By hiring our PA professional tax help services, you can potentially avoid facing a tax audit altogether, which ironically will probably help save you money.

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