Payroll Tax Problems (941) in Atlanta, GA and Professional Help

Metro Area- Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta, GA

It is common for most of the businesses of different sizes. At some point of time, most of them struggle with payroll tax problems. A few have a business in Atlanta, Sandy Springs or Marietta; it is probably also common to you. If you have a business in any of these areas and you have payroll tax problems, then you can easily get professional tax help.

The IRS have strict guidelines about the filing of 941 payroll taxes in time and in correct amounts. If you fail to do so, payroll tax problems may arise with your business. If you deliberately fail to file and pay your payroll taxes, it becomes essential to seek tax relief for your business.

Late filing and payment

Late payment of your payroll taxes will attract penalties and additional fees. Such penalties may cause big problems for your business if you are already having problems with your cash flow. Small businesses often have small capital. If there is a problem with the cash flow, then the business may suffer very badly.

Trust fund recovery penalty

Every employer should deduct federal tax dues from the employees’ paychecks. This is paid to the IRS. If you fail to do that, you'll have to incur a punitive penalty of 100% penalty. Forced collection of this tax is done by the IRS. They can also put a levy on assets of the company including the receivables, bank accounts etc.

It is very much important to avoid payroll tax problems. So, you should timely file your 941 tax returns. Your payroll should be current for your business. If you have any 941 payroll tax problem, it is always better to hire a professional tax professional such as an IRS licensed enrolled agent to handle your payroll tax problem with the IRS. You'll have to negotiate the fees, penalties and the exemptions with the IRS and it may be difficult for you to do the negotiation as you lack the technical expertise and experience necessary for such negotiations. If you negotiate, probably the results will not be too much in your favor. An experienced and expert IRS licensed enrolled agent will be able to handle everything with the IRS in a better way.

A good tax professional will probably get you the necessary tax relief and will also negotiate an Offer in Compromise, installment payments of the back payroll taxes you owe to the IRS.

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