IRS Tax Help: How to get Wage Garnishment Exemption in Worcester, MA

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Are you facing immense financial predicaments because the IRS is seizing a major portion of your monthly income? You can get the IRS to release your wage garnishment and resolve your tax problem once and for all in Worcester by calling at 1-877-788-2937 right now.

Wage garnishment is the process of deducting money from your monetary compensation (including salary) to satisfy your outstanding tax debts. IRS does not even need a court order for this purpose. Up to 70% of your salary can be deducted which means that you will have only a few dollars to spend every month even if you earn in thousands.

Garnishment continues until the full tax debt is paid or some alternate arrangement is made. Your wage can be garnished for many kinds of debts but most common ones are taxes (i.e. IRS Taxes), Child Support, Student loan, Unpaid Court Fines etc.

However, wage garnishment is not implemented immediately. Here are the basic conditions which must be fulfilled before the garnishment:

  • IRS must send you a written Notice and ‘Demand for Payment’ prior to a tax levy
  • It should be evident that you as a taxpayer neglected or refused to pay the tax within the given time period
  • IRS must send a final Notice of Intent to Levy and a Notice of Your Right to A Hearing thirty days prior to tax levy

There is one interesting factor; IRS will send the notices at your last known address and whether you receive it or not it will become effective. It happens in many cases when the taxpayers do not receive the notice and to their astonishment their wages are garnished.

If you find yourself in this situation, do not lose hope because there are certain ways out. If you don’t want to get professional help, the best solution is to pay the tax debt in full. But if paying such an amount was possible for you, your wages would have not been garnished in the first place.

The best option available for you is hiring a qualified and experienced Enrolled Agent. Your enrolled agent will negotiate with IRS and negotiate a reasonable repayment plan for you. In some cases Offer in Compromise may also be considered as an achievable solution.

Just like many American citizens in any other metropolitan area, wage garnishment can be a constant headache for the residents of Worcester. Luckily, the help is only one call away. You can get a free consultation and confidential analysis of your case. Your case will be personally handled by Mike Habib, an enrolled agent with over 16 years of experience with an A+ rating at the BBB. Get the wage garnishment released and get your life back in order.

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