IRS Officer

IRS Officer – Known as RO Revenue Officer

Admittedly, talking to an RO - IRS officer is an experience that few people look forward to doing. However, the encounter does not have to be a scary one if you are properly prepared. If you live in greater Los Angeles area, California or any of the 50 states, the IRS will inform you about why the conversation needs to take place, so you can be prepared. In addition, you may want to consider professional assistance in terms of a tax power of attorney so that your rights can be protected and your options fully explained.

If you got a letter or a visit from an IRS Revenue Officer, call us today at 1-877-788-2937 today.

Why an IRS Officer Wants to Speak to You

There are many reasons why this conversation will take place, ranging from a simple question about your last tax return to far more serious issues with your tax returns or lack of them in general. However, you will be notified about the basis for the conversation so that you can be prepared. After all, the purpose of most conversations with the RO is about unpaid back taxes, so they will at least inform you about the nature of the questions beforehand.

  • Unexplained Item or Issue on Last Tax Return
  • Payroll and employment tax issues
  • Questions about Previous Tax Returns
  • Contradictory Information: The records do not match the statements on your return
  • Unfiled Tax Returns

Taxpayers living in greater Los Angeles area, California or any of the 50 states, there are other reasons, but the primary ones generally concern contradictory or the lack of information about your tax returns. However, this does not mean that you are in trouble, but rather that the IRS officer is looking for answers. Also keep in mind that many audits occur because of random selection, not because of something found in the tax return itself.

Getting Professional Representation

It may seem at first that getting professional representation from those qualified to represent your rights when speaking to the IRS is a must. However, it will depend in large part on the circumstances of why you need to talk to an IRS revenue officer.

Tax Filing Agency: If you had your taxes prepared by an agency, firm, or company that as part of their services will offer preparation, then you want to avoid any conflict of interest and hire an actual tax representation firm like ours. This means that since they filled out the forms, and prepared your returns, they cannot provide you with the proper representation unless it is about information that you did not include when they filled out and filed your returns. This is an important distinction since virtually all tax filing professionals or companies will have this stipulation.

Minor Question: You may not need representation if the issue itself is not one that puts you in any type of jeopardy. For example, if there is something on your tax return that needs clarification, such as a number, name, or statement, you can answer that question without the need for representation. However, if the conversation starts to move towards more difficult questioning, then you may want to stop and reschedule when you have the right representation.

For any serious inquiry or summons by an IRS revenue officer, you will want to have the best in professional representation by your side. This means a qualified tax power of attorney or professional service that can uphold your rights, work with the IRS, and answer your questions to keep you fully informed.

If you got a letter or a visit from an IRS Revenue Officer, call us today at 1-877-788-2937 today.

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