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Back tax or tax debt is the unpaid taxes assessed by the state, federal or local government from a taxpayer. Back taxes are past dues that the taxpayer has to pay. These are past due federal income taxes.

How to resolve IRS back taxes?

You can simply pay the full amount of the back taxes you owe. You'll have to pay the interest and penalties and with the total income tax due from you. The interest and penalty accrue on the tax amount if you fail to pay the tax due on time. Interest and penalty can add thousands of dollars to the total payable amount.

An expert tax relief lawyer, CPA or IRS licensed enrolled agent can help you, as a taxpayer, to resolve your back tax issues. We can help you file the unfiled back tax returns and negotiate a tax relief settlement. We can also help you with an Offer In Compromise or a payment plan with the IRS, which will help you resolve your tax problem and sleep well at night.

Back taxes may lead to serious problems with the IRS. Wage garnishment, levy of bank accounts, tax lien, penalties, fines etc. are some of the steps that the IRS can take against taxpayers who are not addressing their back taxes timely and ignoring their back tax problems.

If you do not pay your back taxes, they keep on doubling with time. The IRS can get the tax owed from your bank account and can seize all the property you have.

There are a number of ways to settle back taxes-

You can ask for a compromise, wherein the actual amount will be reduced to an amount that is acceptable to both parties.

You can also go for an installment agreement. Here, you need to pay a small amount every month on tax, interest and penalty. It is very convenient to you as a taxpayer.

You can also request for a delay in payment to settle back taxes. When you first get the notifications from the IRS, you should respond by applying for extended time period. An expert tax relief professional can help resolve your nightmare tax problems.

When you settle your back taxes, you get peace of mind. A good tax relief attorney, CPA or IRS licensed enrolled agent can help you get the desired tax relief and can get you the desired peace of mind. We will look into your situation, your financial situation and will find out different options to settle your IRS tax problems.

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