How to Hire a Tax Resolution Company You can Trust in Houston, TX

Metro Areas- Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, TX

When hiring a tax resolution company in Houston, Sugarland or Baytown, keep in mind the following:

1. Check the track record.

You should always check the track record of the tax resolution firm before you decide to hire them. The record is the best objective indicator about the firm. It will also show you how the firm will manage your case.

You should check the success rate of the firm you're planning to hire. Check how many Offers in Compromise the firm has successfully settled. You should also check few other important elements like- the total dollars negotiated in settlements, interest and penalties owed. It is very important to verify the credentials of the firm by an independent third party. If the firm has credentials like A+ certification from the Better Business Bureau, it is a great choice.

2. How much to pay upfront?

Find out how much the firm is asking as upfront payment. If it is asking for a full upfront payment, just ignore that firm because most probably it is a scam. Never give in to promises of service after full payment. You should work with a reliable tax relief firm that gets paid in progress payment over the engagement period.

3. Does it "guarantee" specific results?

If the company blindly guarantees specific results, then you should always avoid such companies. Nobody can predict the result and not everyone qualifies for the IRS Offer In Compromise program. Any tax problem resolution firm must check your background and documentation before telling you about the solutions to your IRS problems. If the company is good and honest, it will ask you many questions before even mentioning the possible results.

4. Be sure to ask, "How long has your company been in business?"

Experience and expertise both are very important in case of firms offering tax relief services. If it is a new company, it may not be able to handle complex cases of IRS problems such as Back taxes, unfiled tax returns, IRS wage garnishment, IRS bank levy etc.

5. Know who will do your work on your behalf.

It is very important to know the people who will be doing the work on your behalf. You must always work with a licensed representative, no one else! You need to know when and how they will keep in touch with you, whether or not your e-mails and phone calls will get replied to, etc.

You need to know about the experience and expertise of the person who will be handling your case. You cannot just give it to anyone.

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