How to get IRS Tax Relief From Back Taxes or Unfiled Tax Returns in Charlotte, NC

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If you are living in Charlotte, Gastonia or Rock Hill area and you are facing back taxes or unfiled tax return problems, you should know that there are possible solutions to get IRS tax relief from unpaid back taxes or unfiled tax returns. With the help of an expert IRS licensed enrolled agent, you can get tax relief through different tax settlement options and by negotiating with the IRS.

How To Get IRS Tax Relief

According to most tax experts, you should always file your tax returns timely. You can file taxes even with an extension of time. If you cannot afford to pay the full tax amount, still you should pay a small amount to the IRS and file on time. This will show your good will and good faith in the system. It will also save you 25% penalty for not filing your taxes on time.

If you have back taxes due, it will attract interest fees and other penalties, which will add up to form a big unpaid tax balance. The longer you keep unpaid back taxes, the more interest and penalties you will have to pay. If you cannot afford to pay your total back taxes, the IRS has different programs to resolve your tax matters. Ignoring the IRS will result in harder collection actions such as garnishment of wages and seizure of bank accounts and assets.

Hire a professional tax resolution service to handle your back tax problems and get peace of mind by negotiating a settlement for your back taxes. Only a licensed tax representative can be your power of attorney, enrolled agents tax lawyers, CPAs who have enough tax controversy experience in handling various IRS problems can be of help. Just follow the advice of your expert tax professional and effectuate a settlement with the taxing agency. We offer solutions to all types of tax problems, you can be assured that there'll be a good solution of your unpaid back tax problem. Call u snow at 1-877-788-2937.

Mike Habib is tax relief expert and will devise a tax resolution plan for your case, he will collect the necessary documents and will file the petitions and applications on your behalf. There are different settlement solutions available to your back taxes and unfiled tax return problems such as payment plans, offer in compromise, getting penalty abatement, releasing bank account levies, releasing wage levies and wage garnishments etc.

If you do not have any assets and cannot pay your tax bill in full, you might qualify for an offer in compromise tax settlement. OIC allows taxpayers to save lots of money by paying less than the full tax amount they owe.

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