How to get IRS Tax Help

The IRS is a huge government agency staffed by people whose job it is to enforce the U.S. Tax Code and collect the money due the government from all taxpayers. And they do that job well.

If you have a tax problem, the IRS is not an agency you want to go up against alone. Even the most innocent of tax-related errors can end up costing you an amazing amount of money when you factor in late penalties, interest and possible fines for non-compliance with the tax laws. Your failure to get IRS tax help at the earliest possible time could end up burying you in tax liabilities that can drain your bank account, result in tax liens, and even cost you your home, business or job. In extreme tax cases, you could even lose your freedom.

Most people seek IRS tax help because they failed to file a tax document on time, or did not pay money lawfully owed to the IRS. But there are also people in need of tax help because they are under criminal investigation, or are seeking tax relief, or who are bringing a lawsuit against the IRS in the U.S. Tax Court.

No matter what the reason you need IRS tax help is, your best option is to hire a licensed tax representative. An Enrolled Agent is more qualified to represent you in front of the IRS than a CPA or a regular business attorney is, unless if the matter you have in front of the IRS involves criminal charges. That's because an Enrolled Agent has experience and specific training in the US Tax Code and knows how to navigate the IRS tax relief or tax resolution process.

Also, conversations you have with your tax representative, power of attorney, are privileged. This means that your tax representative is not required to reveal your discussions with him or her to the IRS or anyone else. You get the best IRS tax help when you know you are free to discuss your tax problems truthfully and openly without fear of those discussions coming back to bite you later on.

If you need IRS tax help, don't wait until the matter grows so big that you'll be paying the government back for years or, worse, you end up losing your home, job or business over something that could have been handled much easier if you sought IRS tax help when the problem first appeared.

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