How IRS Tax Help can Help YOU

Mention IRS tax help and the first thing you’ll probably think of is cost. That’s understandable, but cost really should be last on your mind. What should fill your head are thoughts of being debt-free and protecting your rights as a taxpayer. When the IRS is breathing down your neck though, it’s difficult to remain rational. But with the right type of IRS tax help, outcomes like these really are possible.

What type of IRS tax help is right for you?

The answer depends on what you have or have not done to catch the IRS’ attention. Most often, it’s one of these three situations: You have not filed the appropriate tax returns for the current tax year and/or prior years; you did file, but something (or many things) on a tax return doesn’t make sense, and now the IRS wants to audit you or your business, or; you owe the IRS money, or at least the agency thinks you do, and you have not paid.

These are very different tax problems that require very different courses of action depending upon the specifics of the case. Proceed incorrectly and you may lessen your chance of a satisfactory resolution. What’s worse, taking the wrong action could increase your financial obligation. That’s why it’s so important to get the right type of IRS tax help.

If an unfiled tax return is your problem, consider enlisting the help of someone who can complete and file this return on your behalf. Someone with experience in the penalty abatement process may even be able to present your case to the IRS in a way that convinces the agency to abate (meaning to partially or fully remove) previously imposed penalties. This alone could save you hundreds of dollars.

You’d also be wise to seek IRS tax help the moment you receive notification of the IRS’ intention to perform a certain type of audit. If the IRS wants to visit you at your home or office, you’ll definitely want to arrange professional representation before and during this type of audit.

If the IRS claims you owe money but you don’t agree that you do, or you disagree with the amount, you can appeal. It’s surprising the number of taxpayers who don’t realize they have this right. When properly presented, an appeal often results in a lesser amount owed to the IRS.

Even if your tax problem doesn’t fit nicely into any of these categories, getting IRS tax help is worth considering. The IRS is powerful and requires that specific steps be taken and specific circumstances be met when handling different types of tax problems. One wrong move and the IRS can make your life miserable.

So why take that risk?

Your tax problems won’t go away – and neither will the IRS. Once the IRS speaks, you must listen and you must take action. Don’t repeat the same mistake too many taxpayers make and do nothing. That’s the worst thing you can do. Remember, the longer you wait to get IRS tax help, the longer you’ll be plagued by tax problems.

If your tax problems are more complex than you can handle on your own, don’t be afraid to admit it. If you’re worried about cost, stop. And if you think there’s no one you can trust, think again. One name you can trust is Mike Habib, an enrolled agent licensed to practice in all 50 states, and he will handle your case directly and in person.

Mr. Habib tax firm is dedicated to resolve your tax matters; we have the necessary experience dealing with practically every type of federal and state tax problem imaginable. From filling out forms and ensuring those forms are filed by deadline, to representing taxpayers during appeals and offer in compromise negotiations, no tax problem is too big or too small for this dedicated group of IRS tax help specialists.

Enlisting professional IRS tax help of our tax firm is a smart financial move that can increase your chances of a favorable outcome. To learn what type of IRS tax help is most likely to remedy your tax problem, schedule a confidential no-cost, no-obligation consultation with Mr. Habib today toll free 1-877-788-2937.