Hiring a Qualified Enrolled Agent, CPA or Tax Lawyer in Honolulu, HI

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Before you hire any Honolulu tax professional as enrolled agent, CPA or tax attorney, you need to be sure and investigate them thoroughly. After all they will be the person that will be handling your IRS tax problem on your behalf. If you do not hire someone you can trust to fight for the best IRS tax problem resolution that is in your best interest, you may end up paying much more than you need to. Granted just about any tax attorney will get some of your back taxes, fees, and fines reduced, but it does no good for you financially if this so called savings is then spent on the tax lawyer’s fees. So before you fork over any retainer fees, be sure you have asked all the necessary questions.

First you need to be clear from the get go exactly what their fees are and what they are capable of doing about your particular tax problem. They should be able to offer you a written engagement agreement to explain the service you are paying for. Knowing this information will tell you whether it is worth hiring them or not. If they are going to cost more than you afford, there is no point. Also, if they are not able to get you a satisfactory tax problem resolution, you are better going with someone who can. The best part of dealing with a licensed tax representative is they are required by law to tell you a full disclosure of what you will pay before hand, and an itemized invoice when paying. If you are interviewing a Honolulu tax attorney who refuses to provide this information or seem to avoid questions, move on to the next one.

Another important factor in hiring a tax attorney, enrolled agent or CPA in Honolulu is there certifications and qualifications. If they have an EA, LLM or CPA or being an attorney they will have a more in-depth knowledge of how taxes work and how the tax laws affect you. Also, they will be most up to date on all the changes in the tax law. Even the smallest of changes can have huge effect on you tax problem. The education and exams that go along with these certifications are very comprehensive and put any licensed representative who has them on an elevated playing field. Find a qualified tax attorney is vital to not only your financial freedom to avoid IRS wage garnishments, and IRS tax levy, but also to your personal life to avoid possible jail time and probation.

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