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When you need IRS back taxes help in Phoenix, Mesa or Glendale, it is possible to get it easily. Due to your unpaid State and Federal back taxes many problems may arise which may lead to jail terms and heavy fines for you as a taxpayer.

If you have some unpaid back taxes, then there are some problems that may arise from such unpaid taxes. As a common taxpayer, it may not be possible for you to know everything about back taxes and handle the back taxes issue with the IRS. You need to have specialized knowledge and guidance and experts in the tax relief field can help you here.

Tax Problems

Can't Pay Back Taxes

If you cannot pay your back taxes, then you may be in a big problem. To avoid IRS problems, penalties and interests, you should take early steps. You should find out the best solution for your back taxes problem and expert IRS licensed enrolled agents can help you here.

IRS Penalties and Interest

If you are not able to pay your back taxes, the IRS will levy penalties and interest. They will decide about your unpaid back taxes, late filings etc. However, with experts’ help, it is possible to get some penalties revoked.

IRS Notices and CP Letters

After the IRS decides the amount of back taxes you have, it will send you several letters before starting collection actions. All these are done through an automated notification system. Once you receive the letters, you need to know what you should do.

There are other problems associated with back taxes

Tax Lien, tax levy, IRS Wage Garnishment, IRS bank levy, Unfiled tax returns, IRS audit, small business tax problems

There are several tax solutions available for these tax problems.

Tax Solutions

Tax Settlement - You need to understand what a tax settlement is. Along with that, it is very important to know how you can qualify for the IRS tax settlement, how it works and how you can settle taxes owed with the IRS.

File Back Taxes -You need to file your back taxes as soon as possible. The IRS keeps track of people who voluntarily file their old taxes.

IRS Payment Plans-for paying the back taxes, you can get IRS agreed to a particular payment plan. It is also possible to get a partial payment instalment agreement with the IRS.

Currently not Collectible OR Prove Financial Hardship - in this method, you can temporarily stop collection actions against you, but for that you have to prove that you do not have any means to pay the taxes.

IRS penalty abatement- it is possible to negotiate with the IRS for removal of penalties and interest arising from back taxes. It is possible to eliminate the majority of your penalties and some of the interest.

Other solutions include Offer In Compromise, pay back taxes, settle back taxes, settling business payroll taxes etc. it is evident that most of these processes are complex and you may find it very difficult to execute them yourself. Here, an experienced and expert IRS licensed enrolled agent can help you a lot by taking the actions necessary on your behalf. Most of them have been handling such issues for a long time and they are capable of handling your case better than you.

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