Enrolled Agent for Audit Representation – How to Find Tax Help

As a taxpayer, no word in the history of the English language will fill you with more feelings of dread and despair than ‘Audit’. Nationwide, business owners and workers alike feel their blood run cold at the mere mention of the word IRS tax audit. Okay, that’s a bit of an over-reaction, as tax audits are actually not all that scary at all, especially if you seek professional tax help in the process. Finding an experienced Enrolled Agent for audit representation is seen by some, as being nothing but a pointless waste of time. However, the reality of things is that by seeking professional tax help from trained experts, if you do find yourself on the wrong end of an IRS tax audit, you can rest assured that you are in the safest possible hands. Here’s a look at how to find tax audit help for audit representation.

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Why do I need to hire an Enrolled Agent? – If, so far, you’ve had very little trouble with your taxes, you might be wondering why you need to consider hiring an Enrolled Agent at all. The reality of things is that you could be chosen to be audited at any time, and if you’ve never been audited before, there are many bases that need to be covered. Enrolled Agents hold the necessary qualifications and have passed rigorous IRS exams and hundreds of educational hours over the years, and they understand the IRS and tax business better than anyone. Many Enrolled Agents experienced in representation have trained and studied for upwards of a decade, so you know that your taxes and accounts are in the safest possible hands. Enrolled Agents offer tax help and advice, they know the law and your rights, they do the hard work for you, and they can make your life a heck of a lot easier in the process.

How to find tax help – Now we’ll look at a few tried and tested methods of finding the best professional tax advisors currently available.

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Ask around – If you’re a business owner, or perhaps if you know somebody who has been audited in the past, ask them whether they have any recommendations for an Enrolled Agent for audit representation. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and if you know people that have used our professional tax services in the past, they may be able to offer you advice on who to approach, and maybe even who to avoid.

Look at past experience – Once a tax firm catches your eye, before you commit to hiring them, look at their past experience. For example, do they have experience when dealing with an IRS tax levies? Or IRS tax liens ? If you’re being audited, do they offer IRS audit representation? All of this is very important when it comes to finding proper tax help, so find out how much experience the firm has, and in which specialties.

Ask questions – When you hire an Enrolled Agent, transparency is key, so don’t be afraid to ask those questions. Ask them to explain, as simply as possible, which services they offer, and how they can help? If you’re unsure about the audit process, ask them for advice and see if you can clearly understand what you have been told. Communication on both sides is very important, so when seeking tax help, just bear that in mind.

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