Don’t Ignore Tax Problems

If you have tax problems, there's one thing for sure: They are not going away by themselves. The longer you ignore your tax problems, the worse they get. Here are some of the most common tax issues that people face. Maybe yours is in there?

  • Failure to file personal income tax for one or more years.
  • Failure to pay taxes when due.
  • Failure to pay estimated taxes on time, if required.
  • Failure to file self employment taxes and reports.

Notice that the one thing in common with the tax problems listed above is the word "Failure." That's an important point because it explains exactly how the IRS looks at your tax situation. You either took the appropriate action, or you failed to. Usually, the government isn't very interested in why you failed to act. They just want their money.

Everything starts out nicely enough. You get a friendly notice from the IRS stating that they don't have records of your filing a particular form, or paying a particular tax. The letter doesn't automatically assume that the IRS is in the right and you are in the wrong. It simply gives you an opportunity to clear the matter up by providing proof you did whatever it is they think you didn't do, or the opportunity to contact the person in charge of your tax matter to get the issue resolved.

This is absolutely the best time to work out whatever your tax problem is. Because after that initial letter, things get progressively worse. Don't fool yourself just because you get one letter and then stop hearing from the IRS; they haven't forgotten about you. There is a computer that keeps track of your tax problems and sends letters out at pre-determined intervals. And, as I mentioned, each one gets progressively stronger. By the time you get to the letters demanding payment and talking about fines, penalties, liens, or criminal action, your tax problems are very serious.

The longer you wait to address a tax issue, the more it's going to cost you to make it 'go away.' If you've let things get out of hand because you failed to deal with the problem when it first arose, you will be much better off handing the issue over to a tax problem resolution specialist. You want someone who has training and experience negotiating with the IRS on your side. This is no time for amateurs.

The best way to avoid tax problems is to file everything on time and correctly. But if it's too late for that, turn to a professional for tax relief assistance.

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