Cincinnati, OH IRS Tax Lessions: Top 5 Tax Resolution Lessons Learned From the Worst Cases of Tax Evasion

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If you're living in Cincinnati or Middletown metro areas, it is possible for you to avoid tax problems with the IRS. There's so many tax problems going around from which you can learn so many different lessons. Worst cases of tax evasion also help you to learn different tax resolution lessons.

1. Trust, but verify.

You might have a team to handle your financial matters including filing your tax returns, it is good to trust them but you should always verify what they're doing. If you just leave the tax matters with the team and do not verify what they're doing with your taxes, then you may be in for a big problem because of their inefficiency, decisions and incompetence. The same happened to singer, actor Mark Anthony.

2. Even an innocent spouse can end up doing jail time

If you are filing your tax returns jointly with your spouse, it may cause a problem later. If your spouse is a tax cheater, because you are filing tax returns jointly, you may be in with problems with the IRS. You may land up in jail because of your spouse’s unpaid taxes. If you have any doubt with the returns filed by your spouse, talk to an expert tax relief professional, like an Enrolled Agent, CPA and or tax attorney immediately. It happened to Sophia Loren, the famous actress.

3. Don’t “forget” to pay taxes on income

Never forget to pay taxes on your income. Whatever income you are getting, you should file tax returns for all of it. Never believe someone if he/she advises you that you do not have to pay any tax on your income. If your financial team says that about a big income you have received, consult an Enrolled Agent immediately. Otherwise, you may have to suffer like Richard Hatch, the first winner on Survivor.

4. Write your politics views on your blog, not on your tax forms

Do not stop filing your tax returns because you have some other political and religious views about the use of the taxes collected and whether the US government has the validity to levy taxes or not. If you do not believe about something and cannot believe about paying the taxes, write them in your blog or talk on television, but do not forget to file your returns. Wesley Snipes didn’t file his tax returns because he wanted a political tax protest.

5. What part of INCOME taxes don’t you get?

Never forgot to include a part of your income while filing the tax returns. You should report all your income from different sources. If you forget to mention even a small portion of the income, you can become a tax evader. Darryl Strawberry and Pete Rose forgot to include their income from autograph and memorabilia shows and the IRS ordered Strawberry to pay $450,000 in back taxes, and Rose to pay $366,000 besides getting jail terms.

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