Choosing a Tax Relief Service in Rochester, NY

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The entire country is facing an economic crisis and Rochester, N.Y. is no exception. All the financial problems have lead to an increase demand for tax relief services. Along with this new demand there are an entire new crop of scams aimed at those who are seeking tax relief. This make choosing the right tax relief service for you tax problem resolution something you need to do with great care. You do not want to add to you already mounting tax problems by getting involved in a tax relief scam. Fortunately there are few easy steps you can take to make sure your tax relief service is legitimate.

First check them out with the Better Business Bureau. If they are a legitimate tax relief service they will be registered and highly rated by the BBB. If you are seeking a tax attorney to help get a tax resolution than you will need to make sure they are licensed by the state of New York, and have passed the BAR exam. Be leery of any tax relief service that wants money up front before they have even heard the details of you specific tax problem. The amount you pay is going to differ depending on what issues you have. It can be simple if you just have a few years of unfiled tax returns or more complicated if you are facing an IRS tax lien.

Any fees you do agree to pay need to be clearly explained and documented. Mike Habib EA, is an A+ rated tax relief service firm serving Rochester will only charge a onetime flat fee for their services. Also, be cautious if the company is offering you solutions before they know all the details of your case. The solution that will be best for one person's IRS problem may not be the best tax resolution for your case. Before they can really evaluate your case and how to get a tax resolution they will need to first look at your financial, as well as personal, information. They should take in all this information and go through it thoroughly before they can give you a real tax relief option.

Experience in dealing with the IRS tax help is going to be essential, especially if you are facing an IRS tax audit. You need to look into the history of any tax relief service you choose to use. They need to have not only the knowledge needed to get you a good tax problem resolution, but experience dealing with the IRS as well. The IRS can be very tricky to maneuver through and a lot of time can be wasted if they do not have experience.

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