Can't pay Your Back Taxes? Get Tax Help in Philadelphia, PA to Make the IRS an Offer They Can't Refuse

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When you are not able to pay your back taxes, you will need to fight the IRS. It is not very easy to take on the federal revenue system and IRS. It is normal to feel threatened by tax liens, wage garnishments and jail time. You need someone who's expert in handling back tax related issues and have experience in dealing with the IRS.

If you are a taxpayer living in Philadelphia, Camden and Wilmington, now it is possible to get help to solve the tax problem and get tax relief with the help of tax relief services or a tax attorney. The IRS licensed enrolled agents have all types of strategies to help you win the battle against the IRS and walk away with your money and freedom.

When a taxpayer partners with an IRS licensed enrolled agent or a tax lawyer, he/she increases our chances of capturing an IRS payment plan. Such plans will help you to settle your back tax debt for the lowest possible amount. It will also remove all the tax liens, bank levies and wage garnishments.

The certified tax resolution services can help you by brokering an Offer in Compromise (OIC) settlement. Even though the IRS web site has an Offer in Compromise form that taxpayers can fill to settle back taxes, it is most often described as “a plea agreement in a criminal trial,” because one single mistake in the form can push you to a graver situation. That is why many taxpayers shy away from the help provided by the IRS. Nobody likes to gamble with the chances of paying more and getting jail term.

The offer in compromise (OIC) application is a complex and critical process. Any chances gone wrong in the process can bring in harsh consequences. You need expert help in offering an OIC to the IRS.

Back taxes have a tax help formula where you have your debt is less than $10,000 and you have no past history of tax problems, the IRS can grant you a payment plan of 36 monthly installments, where you pay the taxes in 36 parts.

In general, about 26% of the OICs are accepted by the IRS. However, a good enrolled agent, CPA or tax attorney or tax resolution service has an acceptance rate of that may be as much as five times the national average. They help you to avoid IRS problems by scrutinizing your case and by finding out whether you are really eligible or applying for an OIC.

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